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About Us

In 2017, a manufacturing business, Polyon Textiles, of Arvind Advanced Material, opened a Fiber Glass Geo-Grid production facility in Ahmedabad, India. Polyon Geogrids are designed exclusively for Asphalt or Bitumen Reinforcement. These grids are created using advanced German technology. The promoters of our company have a lengthy background in manufacturing because they have worked in the chemical, engineering, and textile industries since 1926.

POLYGRID, a breakthrough Fiberglass Geogrid, is an economical way to extend the pavement life. Our geogrid is made up of fiberglass strands that have been polymeric coated and weaved into a Standard Grid. It is also available as a Fiberglass Geocomposite Grid, a glass fiber geogrid bonded to a nonwoven fabric alongside the extra benefit of providing an asphalt moisture barrier. These Fiberglass Geogrids aid to reinforce the bitumen or asphalt on rigid and flexible pavement surfaces, allowing the wearing course to last up to three times longer by reinforcing, cracking, rusting, preventing, and reducing moisture from infiltrating the surface. It is laid beneath the bitumen wearing course on roads, airports, and highways. A fiberglass Geogrid is also ideal for placement on the DBM to accomplish preventive wearing course maintenance and improve the complete design life of pavement. It is also an ideal product for the rehabilitation of roads by increasing load-bearing capacity while benefitting the contractor cost upfront. Our team assists the customers throughout the installation procedure, whether manually or mechanically.

Our business entity as a manufacturer and supplier of Polygrid Fiberglass Coated Grid, Composite Fiberglass Geogrid, Self Adhesive Fiberglass Geogrid, etc., has imported Germany based machinery for assuring the finest grade of quality to prospects.

Our Mission

We are driven towards a mission of providing different kinds of geogrids that are suitable for industrial use in the effective manner.

Our Goal

We keep our huge focus on creating reputation of a prominent supplier that lives upto promise of supplying high in strength range of geogrids such as Composite Fiberglass Geogrid, Polygrid Fiberglass Coated Grid, etc.

Our Vision

We have stepped into business field with a vision to offer only cost-effective and functional technical textiles and more such products.

Customers Satisfaction

We are passionately working to attain our powerful position in the challenging geogrid market. Our manufacturing and supplying company keeps prices low with an intent to deal with different types of customers. Our company knows customers delight is crucial to business existence. Hence, we keep our logistics department in place to offer customers doorsteps delivery in the excellent manner.

Following are some traits that helps us attain satisfaction of customers:
  • Modernized business proceedings
  • Deepest market knowledge
  • Strict Quality Management
  • Clarity In Operations
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